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Posted by admin on May 18, 2016

It only seems like yesterday that I was at University playing rugby five times per week and in the best shape of my life. Three years and a knee operation down the line, I now find myself sat behind a desk, working full time and doing very little exercise!

I thought I would kick this Flourish campaign off to a big start so asked my mum if she knew of any nice walks around the Lancaster area. Luckily for me she did. It was a lovely sunny day walking down a path towards Glasson Dock. At the half way point, I stopped off for a coffee and some cake (to keep the sugar levels up) before heading back home on a different route.

To my surprise, this route was a very busy A road with no pavement. After two miles of dodging traffic, I realised I’d dropped my wallet. Very reluctantly, I turned around and began retracing my steps. Luckily, before too long I found it and so I was back on my way! Safe to say when I got home, I had a serious word with my mum who claimed she was unaware there was no pavement. That evening, I treated myself to a nice cold summer fruits cider to celebrate this 35,000 step walk before getting in to bed and sleeping like a rock.

In order to hit the recommended daily 10,000 steps mark, I began walking to work instead of getting a lift. I was feeling much more refreshed and awake than I usually did. With this new lease of life, I decided to join a gym! However, as is my recent luck, I slipped a disc in my back during my third gym session. I was unable to move for a few days which resulted in some very poor Flourish results.

In and around physiotherapy sessions and work, I have started taking on the household dog walking duties. However, my initial thoughts of this dramatically increasing my step count were immediately doused when I realised that my 14 year old Shih Tzu is the only living thing with less stamina than me clocking up an average of 80 steps per walk. Having said that, a daily return trip to work, a dog walk and a wander in to town at lunch time have me reaching the 10,000 steps target. On top of this, and more importantly in my eyes, is the fact I am now feeling much better in myself and have bags more energy!

Tips: If you don’t need to drive then don’t! I usually drive to the local shop if I need to pick something up however, I have now started walking. Not only does this get me around 1,000 steps, it also refreshes me and stretches out the body, especially after a long day sat behind a desk!

Get out and about at lunch no matter how busy you are! Even if I’ve brought a packed lunch, I will make sure I walk to the bottom of town and back every lunch.

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