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Rachael Willoughby's Flourish at work blog

Posted by admin on May 23, 2016

I’ve been taking part in the Flourish challenge for a few weeks now, and I’ve actually surprised myself at how many steps I take on a daily basis! I have two dogs at home so walking is already part of my daily routine.  Walking the dogs in the morning is the best thing I have found to wake me up and help me face the day. If I don’t do it, my mood definitely suffers.  It’s good to see how active I am already, but using an activity tracker has made me realise how quickly your activity levels can drop. Walking the dogs before or after work, can see me clocking up anything from 4,000+ steps, so if I miss one (when my husband walks the dogs), I’m soon finding myself looking at my step count and wondering how I can improve it!

Now that the nights are lighter and the sun is making an appearance, I feel that I have more energy and feel brighter after work.  I’m spending more time outdoors, more time walking the dogs, and more time moving in general.  I’ve certainly realised that my activity levels depend on my mental wellbeing too, and in turn the more I move the more it improves my mood.

For me, taking part in Flourish at Work has given me a pat on the back for how active I am already, but it’s also made me aware how quickly this can decline with the omission of one daily routine, and that’s something I am keen to make sure doesn’t happen, for both my physical and mental wellbeing.

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