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Sally Cowell's Flourish at work blog

Posted by admin on May 16, 2016

Owning a springer spaniel means I am the sort of person who is fairly active.  We get out for energetic walks most days but I had never monitored how much activity I do.  Therefore I have found the activity band a really useful gadget to use.  

One of my roles as an Occupational Therapist is to talk to patients attending the Cardiac Rehab Programme about returning to activity following cardiac events/surgery so I was interested to see whether fitness trackers could help them to monitor how much they are doing and motivate them to achieve more.  

Although I am active on my days off and probably achieve 10,000 steps quite easily, I am aware that my job involves sitting and talking to patients and times when I am recording information on the computer so I am more sedentary at work.  

I think the main benefit that I have found so far of meeting the 10,000 daily step challenge is that even on work days, I have done more activity after work to ensure I reach the target.  After a day at work, I am finding I have only covered around 5,000 - 6,000 steps so I have to find things to do that keep me active and not sit in front of the TV or computer until I have achieved this goal!  Or if I do sit down for half an hour after dinner, it spurs me on to get up again and take my dog out for a walk.  Prior to having the tracker, I may well have been slightly less active on some work days, maybe only achieving 8,000 steps - especially in the winter months when the log burner and a cup of tea are more inviting than the rain and gales outside! 

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