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Susan Gowans' Flourish at work blog

Posted by admin on May 17, 2016

I have realised for some time now that I needed to move a bit more. Having an ongoing back problem doesn’t make exercise easy but I understand that doing something rather than nothing would help to elevate the problem.  When I read the details around Flourish, I thought this was just the thing to get me moving. 

I applied for and was successful in receiving an activity tracker from the Trust.  I was surprised at how low the number of steps I did on a daily basis which was approximately 3,000 per day - the recommended daily steps being 10,000! 

I don’t have a garden at home but recently obtained an allotment through the Council.  I am now visiting every other day during the week and on a Saturday and Sunday when I can, and thoroughly enjoying being out in the fresh area.  I even enjoy weeding and digging the beds over, but I do pace myself with this activity. The glorious weather we have had recently has certainly helped.  But when the weather changes, I still have a large shed and greenhouse to plant in.  Another bonus of the allotment will be lots of fresh herbs and vegetables for a healthy diet.

I must be honest, you do become a little obsessed with checking the number of steps and trying to increase them.  In the few weeks, I have been using the tracker, I have increased my steps to 5,000 per day and hope this trend continues.

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