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Liberating potential in today’s NHS

Posted by admin on October 16, 2017

As the NHS approaches its 70th Birthday it needs all the care and attention we can give it. We are struggling to meet rising demand with financial constraints and significant gaps in workforce numbers.

In Morecambe Bay, we face all of the usual challenges and more. Our rural, expansive (and very beautiful!) geography brings additional challenges. Our context makes delivering high quality care within the finances available even more challenging. 

Over the last five years or so, the team here have worked hard to transform our culture and build strong relationships. We have reviewed, developed and hard wired good governance systems across our hospitals. We have developed a strategy to work with our partners and transform care out of hospital. All of this has undoubtedly contributed to the improvements we have seen in our CQC rating, in our quality and safety metrics, our ability to recruit and our performance and productivity over that period.

But what has made the biggest difference? – the focus on OUR PEOPLE. At a time when the NHS is operating in the “red zone” and struggling to keep up with demand, we need to pay attention to those things we can all affect every day, 24/7. That is how we liberate potential, for ourselves and our staff.

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